Thursday, April 26, 2012

 Here are some pictures of our family's Christmas, Sam's first birthday and New Year, we Had so much fun in all of the end of the year festivities and we LOVED spending some of them with Grandpa and Grandma Brown!!

                                                            Christmas morning!!!
                              After Church we decided we needed a family picture so HERE it is!
 We told Jackson that Santa Clouse was in L.A with his other cousins and that he was on his way to FL after Church... So here's Jackson with his New bike and Sam with his presents after we got back from             church on Christmas day!

 My Christmas present was a night out going to see The Nut Cracker at the Theater right by our Home!
                             New Years Eve at Walt Disney World and with Grandpa and Grandpa Brown
                                                      Let's just say WHAT A NIGTH!!!

                                                            How Beautiful is this?!?!
                                              At the Aventura Mall here in South Florida.
                                                      How CUTE are this Mousse's

                                                                 Everglades Florida!!!
                                                    at the mall waiting to see Sant Clause
                                                             Everglades Florida!!!!

                                                        HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY SAM!!!
                                                   Granpa and Grandma Brown Present!!
                                                                  Birthday BOY!!!!
                                                         Our South Florida Friends!!!
                                                      Christmas lights hunt... Florida stile!

                                                          Key Biscaine Fire House!

                                                            HOW CUTE AM I????
 OUR special Family that we helped on Christmas this year from our ward, how special night for ALL      of us!!!
                                                         Sam's Birthday decorations.
                                                               Birthday cake for Sam!!
                                                First day riding his new bike and first CRASH!!!
                                                       Race day on my 5k run at WDW.
                                      Like you see we don't stop! We are always on the GO!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Is it being this LONG...!

Time pass by fast, not that we are all having fun more like we are busy with two little boys runing around trying to get things done and bearly making...!
Seens I last post something it was Halloween time Last year and man I need to get better in this! Last      Year brout us a lot of change for our Family but over all it was a good change, Jeff's new Job, Passing the bar, Grandpa and Grandma coming to visit and so forth and to tell the truth it has not stoped, life just kipes moving fast and when I look back I want to remember all the fun and learning experiences of our Family.
 lets go back a bit I wont borrie you with my life story but lets go back in time a bit to remember fun things...
Our baby Sam turned 1 year Old last December and how bless we are to have him in our lifes, we had some friends over for a small party for him and we ALL had fun. He is so CUTE and BIG we love our Sam.
 Jackson is doing great he is so smart and athletic he loves anything that he can run or jump, he loves his little brother and is ALWAYS getting into trouble, but remember he is just 3 so I guess I'm the one to remember that, He is starding school this fall so we are all excited about that he specialy can't wait to go to school.
Jeff is working like a CRAZY lawyer( well he is one) end enjoying his job, sometimes we see him but most the time he is at work, we hope this time passes by fast se we can spent more time as a family, We are NOT be going to Brazil for his job, everything changed a couple months ago, so we are making South Florida our home for the upcoming 5-10 years.
Me well I'm moving trying to get up on my feet and trying to enjoy my row as a mother and wife, sometimes is good  but most of the time is being hard to just be me... I love my kids too death but sometimes( well most the times) they just don't stop and my job as a mom is a Sunday to Sunday thing and 20 for 7. Iguess I'm trying to find my self, I do love my family They are everything for me and I hope I can get out of this funk soon it has being too long.
Well I will post some pictures of us tonight but know I have to go and being a Mom:)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Halloween It's Halloween...!

We love Halloween, fall and any other holiday that comes around, so this year I decided that we needed to do something fun for Halloween in our new home (Miami) and have old friends and new friends enjoy the fun with us too. After waching a movie on the Fam. channel I sought that they would start there 13 day count down for Halloween with "movies" so my head start to go crazy thinking about why don't I make something like that but with "crafts" so I did!
13 days fo Halloween fun crafts, it was so much fun to make up the list of activity I love doing that and Jackson is geting excited to make all the fun crafts starding tomorrow.
So here is the list of crafts so if you would love to have fun with us be my guest I know your
kids will love.
13 days of Halloween starts Wednesday.

Is 13 days of fun activities that will make this Halloween a fun and spooky one!

Day 1: Ghost necklace (

Day 2: Strawberries dipped in chocolate Ghosts. (

Day 3: Little Einstein’s hanging batty bat, ghosts and creepys ( decorate you home with it)

Day 4: Paper spooky house

Day 5: Halloween dinner (

Day 6: printable Halloween masks

Day 7: Coloring pages (make it fun and hang them on the door to your kids’ room)

Day 8: Make your own Halloween trick-or-treat bag ( this would be fun to do as a group)

Day 9: Decorate Halloween cupcakes

Day 10: Carve or color Pumpkins

Day 11: Movie night at the Brown’s “Nightmare Before Christmas” at 6pm! Bring your favorite Halloween treat.

Day 12: Decorate cookies and drop off at your neighbors (great Sunday missionary activity)

Day 13: It’s Halloween lets make it fun! With Halloween-finger –puppet ( and go trick-or-treat-ding with your Family! Have a great time!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Family time.

 Things a going crazy here and I can't find time to blog . Well lots has happend here at the Brown's house hold, on September 19th Jeff found out that he PASS the Florida bar exame, we where so exicited for him it really made things look much better for our future to not to worry about a job or studying for the bar ever again:)
Jeff was able to sworn in last monday October 3 , 2011 what a great day it was to see him in front of a juge and know being able to do what he love doing being a Lawyer and it made more special that his parents where here too.
I flooded our apartment, man was water everywere in this place the washer broke and was filling up with water and not stoping the water was out of our front door into the whow way CRAZY!!! lokelly nothing got demadge.
We whent to Mickey not so Scary halloween party at WDW it was great this has bein our 3nd year and we have loved all the fun memories we have had there this time Grandma and Grampa Brown came down from Utah and had a fun time at the party with us.
We love halloween and every year seins I had Jackson I try to have some fun with him and his friends we dress up, make cookies, and do lots of fun activities wi
th our family and friends.
This year I'm trying to think about things to do withour family seens we haven't made lots of friends here in Miami yet but we still want to have fun, I will post some of our family fun activities this year and I hope you can share some of your's too.

                                      Here some Pictures of our Fall of 2011 in Miami, Florida.

                                                Sam 9 Months Old and Jackson 3Year's Old
                                                  At the Coral Castle in Miami.

                                                                Just TOO cute!!!

                                          Our Family is on the GO and we don't stop here...